Soft/flexible substrate hybrid mold – Fusion Mold

Our Fusion Mold combines a soft, flexible substrate with a rigid top layer. This provides both maximized production yield (>99%) and high resolution nanopatterns (sub-10 nm).

A unique buffer layer between the soft substrate and rigid top layer is formed by fusing the dissimilar materials together. By fusing in a gradient manner, the buffer layer effectively alleviates stress defects common in other hybrid molds. The result is enhanced, defect-free bonding of the two materials. The Fusion Mold has a lifetime comparable to the Quick Mold.



Standard grating mold dimensions

Grating ID:      Pitch (period)     Line width     Depth     Active area
G1394 578nm 200nm 104nm 20mm x 40mm
G1304 340nm 140nm 108nm 15mm x 30mm
G1317 568nm 261nm 78nm 15mm x 30mm
G1322 580nm 228nm 73nm 15mm x 30mm