CB Series: CB 200, CB 400, CB 600

If your nanoimprinting needs do not require multi-layer alignment, EZImprinting provides a cost-effective solution. Our stand-alone modules are specifically designed for users who do not require alignment, or only need simple directional alignment. Our touch-screen user interface provides program- mable automatic control of the entire imprinting process. The CB series can be upgraded to the align- ment-capable PL series by mounting the CB module to our platform stage.

EZImprinting Advantages

  • Easy to use, low cost solution
  • Sub-10nm resolution with 99% yield
  • Supports both hard and soft molds
  • Variable mold and substrate sizes offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility
  • Auto-Release process prevents mold/substrate damage during separation and maximizes yield per imprint
  • Programmable PLC with touch-screen user interface allows process control through customized parameters
  • Proprietary UV-curable nanoimprint resist has no limitations on hardness or thickness, and is compatible with traditional photolithography processes
  • CB400 module: Imprint yields are enhanced by the CB Series' double-chamber configuration